Website Management

Never have to deal with website updates, errors, hacks, or editing your site again, we'll take care of it for you with site management services.

Website Management Care Plan
Website Management

Website Management & Why you Should You Have It

If you've ever had to maintain a website, you can understand how much of a pain it can be, having to navigate through pages and sections and then figuring out the best way to make edits to your content or design. Websites should also be constantly monitored, secured and backed up in case anything happens.

That is where a care plan comes into play. We are able to fully manage your website for you on a monthly basis to make sure your website stays up-to-date, secure, backed up, and growing with your business while fixing any errors that may arise. You'll be able to relax and know that your website is safe & secure and available for potential customers to find you.

Why Website Management?

Affordable Pricing

Free Up Time

Security Checks

Unlimited Edit Requests

WordPress CMS

On-going Backups

Analytics Reports

Fast Updates

Add New Pages

Our monthly management services start at $99/mo depending on how many changes you would like to be able to request per month.

Site Management FAQ'S

How much do you charge for website management?

Our site management pricing typically starts at $99 per month. However, we understand that all businesses and ventures are different so we can adjust the pricing according to how big your website is, how many edits you want to be able to request a month, and the types of edits you'd like us to make each month.

How does requesting an edit work?

It's pretty simple! Once you opt-in to our VIP management services you will be able to simply email us, text us or message us directly with any changes that you would like to make, we will provide a simple turn-around time and let you know once your site is updated.

Why would I want website management services?

As a small business owner, your time and mental sanity are important. We take the burden of having to manually update plugins, themes, and back-end software, we also backup, monitor your website, and make all necessary edits you request. Website management saves you time to focus on other areas of your business and not worry about your website.

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